Figurative paintings for sale

Strong & Sublime: the figurative art of Vania Serrano Pinto

Buy figurative art: Vania’s work brings to our eyes the beauty of every day life.

Vania enjoys the creative freedom allowed by figurative art, delivering works that express her inner universe: love and life, the beating pulse of the universe projected on every stroke of color. But, she also finds powerful motives in the images of everyday life. In her own words: “I’m passionate for the beauty of life as it is sublime and powerful”. She loves to represent the human body, the scenes and landscapes full of light that express that same joy and spirituality that can be perceived in all her pictorial work.

Jorge Peredo

What is figurative painting?

When we are able to recognize images in a painting as representations of things we know like: people, plants, animals, objects anything that is available for our experience, we are in front of a work of figurative art. Figures can be satiric, appear deformed, exaggerated or with different qualities that we don’t usually associate with them, as for example flying dogs or anything like that.

They can also be out of context, used as symbols of nature, religion or the human condition. Even depictions of mythical or magical beings as fairies, unicorns or else. As we can see this is the opposite to abstract painting as it preserves the basic characteristics of the things and beings represented. Surely there may be a level of abstraction, but as long as you can say “that’s a horse”, “that’s a child” or “a lotus flower”   you are still on the terrains of figuration. Vania’s figurative painting is always aiming to show the spiritual side of life, as she knows that everything is connected, sharing the same energy, flowing in the same cosmic pulse. She expresses all of these through her slightly vibrant strokes of paint and intense use of color.