Nature Painting

The color of matute of Vania Serrano Pinto

Vania’s paintings capture the colors of nature

Vania paints from a spiritual perspective. She’s always looking for the magic of creation, so we shouldn’t be surprised for her vibrant use of colors at any of her portrayals of the natural world.

Vania’s nature paints are specially inspired by the aesthetics of the sea and the desert... Nature from where she lives since 26 years in Baja, in the tip of the peninsula of Baja California is characterized for contrasts, on one side: the aridity of the land, on the other, the fertility of the ocean. But, this opposition as is shown in her art, is only in appearance, the truth is that both communicate and conform a totality. This is the fascination that the artist have discovered and expressed on every single one of her nature paintings.

Jorge Peredo