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Magical passages: the abstract art of Vania Serrano Pinto

Buy original abstract art: Vania pictorial world is full of magic and passion

Vania finds in abstract art the opportunity to express the way she feels and experiments the world around her. Her art builds a universe of passion, mindfulness and joy that spontaneously flow straight from her inner self in moments of peace and inspiration. An eclectic explosion of color:  far away from any formalism, her work is always experimenting with materials and techniques, anything that allows her to bring to life her own magical landscapes. If her work could be characterized by one word that would be: freedom.

Jorge Peredo

What is abstract painting?

Since Renaissance, artists concentrated their efforts in the imitation of nature, summited to the logics of perspective. Abstract painting emerges at the ends of the 19th century as a reaction to the invention of photography that allowed people to directly capture images from nature and everyday life. Some artists considered that figurative art was becoming obsolete and turned their efforts into the simplification of forms, aiming for a greater expressivity. 

            Abstract artists recur to the pictorial language of color and lines in order to build expressive images that the naked eye can’t easily relate with objects available in the real world. There are grades of abstraction depending on the intentions and goals of the artist. You may be able to recognize some traits of some figures or confront a piece of art were references disappear completely. Abstract artists try to transmit different aspects of our world that maybe not obvious, like the true essence of things or the principles of natural existence.  Vania’s pictorial poetic vision goes from the essential to the purely abstract, as in some of her work we can recognize motives inspired by the rich surroundings of desert and sea that characterizes the place where she lives, Baja California Sur —the ever moving ocean, its life, femininity— to the true expression of emotions as bursting strokes of color.