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The End of the Day in Baja

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Magical passages

Vania Serrano Pinto’s pictorial world is full of magic and passion

Vania finds in abstract art the opportunity to express the way she feels and experiments the world around her. Her art builds a universe of passion, mindfulness and joy that spontaneously flow straight from her inner self in moments of peace and inspiration

Original Abstract Paintings For Sale
Figurative Paintings For Sale

Figurative Art

Vania’s work brings to our eyes the beauty of every day life

Vania enjoys the creative freedom allowed by figurative art, delivering works that express her inner universe: love and life, the beating pulse of the universe projected on every stroke of color

Zen Art

My spiritual side: the art of Zen from Vania

The art of Zen is about the search of spirituality, to know how to find it all around us. Inspired by a millenary teaching; based on impermanence, in the eternal transformation of existence. Hence, we imply that the Zen artist encourages the observer to meditate about his/her own path. Vania flows through her harmonious and vibrant drawings, thus building the metaphor of that river called Zen.

Zen Paintings For Sale
Nature Painting For Sale

The colors of nature: the nature paintings of Vania

Vania’s paintings capture the colors of nature

Vania paints from a spiritual perspective. She’s always looking for the magic of creation, so we shouldn’t be surprised for her vibrant use of colors at any of her portrayals of the natural world.